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We provide superior products and offer a medical consultation to help select them as a part of your treatment program. Hair loss is best treated with several products since no product (even our best) is a miracle. We use all the best and proven treatment products from all over the world together to provide you with a treatment program customized for your unique needs.

We typically suggest clinically proven products like the HLCC Scripts Complete (our herbal alternative to Finasteride that has received hair loss patents in the USA.)

Some products are extremely useful in hair and scalp hygiene which is necessary for a 360° approach to treat hair loss. We utilize all these hair loss treatment products including oral and topical DHT inhibitors, growth stimulators, laser treatment, vitamins and better hair and scalp nutrition and health.

Treatment Programs may also utilize products like Finasteride and Minoxidil (made better 6 ways) that have received FDA approval to stop hair loss and regrow hair or customized stronger prescription versions of these products as upgrades to the Hair Loss Treatment Program.

In addition, there are programs developed to treat Androgenetic hair loss, as well as certain hair and scalp conditions, such as; eczema, seborrhea, damaged or broken hair, traction alopecia , chemotherapy induced loss, and alopecia areata.

Program includes either in clinic &/or hand held laser for home use and products to tackle hair loss holistically.