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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

There are lot of companies and websites that promise to deliver results in combating hair loss. Hair Loss Control Clinic stands by it's products and it's techniques. Whether it is using Clinic Hair Loss Lasers or Laser Hair Combs, or whether its our unique and effective products from DHT Inhibitors to Enhanced Minoxidil, we provide real results. And don't just take our word for it either, please watch some of our clients tell you themselves.

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After using false lashes ever since I can remember, I never thought the day would come that I could go without them. Once I started using the CompleteLash, sceptical it was just a gimmick, I was amazed with the results I could see in just 3 weeks and now 4 months on people are asking me where I've had my lashes done to which I am happy to say 'they are my own'!!

Nicole.W Client


I bought this product at a Beauty Exhibition and never ever thought it would do as it said! I have been using CompleteLash now for 5 months and now on my second tube. I would never be without this product. My only complaint if anything would be that I can't wear my glasses anymore as my lashes catch on the frame. Love this product.

Joyce. M Client


This has to be the best product on the market. No one can expect the results you will get.

Jill. S Client


Love this. My lashes are longer and darker than I can ever remember.

Sarah. J Client


I have always had really short lashes having used false lashes for years. My friends thought I was still wearing them only to tell them that these were my own. 7 of my friends are now using CompleteLash and we are competing with each other to see who will have the longest lashes!

Louise. MClient


Does what it says - lengthens, strengthens and darkens. Love it.

Rita. MClient


I haven't used mascara for weeks now. My lashes look great. Would never be without CompleteLash.

Tina. K Client


I was very sceptical with this product, as I have used a few in my Salon before. Wow, couldn't believe the result I got. We sell hundreds of these a month.

Morag. JClient


Great value for money and lasted me 3 and 1/2 months.

Lisa. SClient


My husband bought me this for my birthday. I couldn't believe it when he gave it to me. His colleague at work is using this product and when I started to see results my husband said 'I've saved you a fortune. You don't need to pay for false lashes every week now'. The best birthday present I have ever got from him.

Jayne. PClient


Won this in a raffle - kept it in my make-up bag for weeks. I have now been using it for 2 months and can't believe the difference. I now keep it on my bedside cabinet and use it every night. Every woman should have CompleteLash.

Emily. DClient


Used this on my eyebrows and after 3 months, I no longer need to colour them in. Fab product.

Fay. MClient


Bought this product for my daughter and after seeing her results I use bought this for myself too. We both hide it from each other so the other can't use it. It's like gold dust.

Charlotte. WClient


Buy it, try it, and love it. I did.

Shona. JClient


I can see why the give a money back guarantee. It really does work. A great product.

Maria. SClient


In all of my experience I have never had anyone from any company ever care about me as much as you did. Thank you! You exceeded any expectation that I had. You are a gem. Thanks so much.

Debe J.Client


Just wanted to let you know that you can consider me among your many success stories. Although it has only been a little more than 2 months, I and my family and friends can already see the difference in my hair. I just can't even describe into words, the relief and joy I feel in no longer dreading losing my hair. I have become a dedicated believer and feel so lucky to have found your website.

Donna M.Client


I finally did the sensible thing and consulted an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss, HLCC. I no longer have what I would call "bald spots." The thin, short hairs at my temples are now thick enough and long enough to cover my scalp and my overall hair line is "full" enough to allow me to style my hair the way I like it. Best of all, I no longer feel like crying when I look in the mirror! I am grateful to HLCC (Brian) for helping me to feel pretty again.

Margaret KowalskiM.D. - New Hartford, NY


I live out West and my son is in college in New England. I sent him to my doctor, the school doctor and 3 dermatologists. No one seemed to care, just in and out and no answers. I paid $500 to fly my son in to see you, and I have to say, I was a little skeptical. It was worth every penny! He felt comfortable, got straight forward answers and just knowing what he was dealing with was worth the money alone. Now 3 months later, his hair loss has stopped and he is starting to re-grow his hair. I just bought some products for my husband. Thanks for helping my son when no one else could!

J.S.Denver, CO


After 3 months into it, my hair feels thicker and two people, not knowing about the treatment, asked me what I was doing differently. I'm excited about continuing my program and seeing where it leads me in a year. Update: Most of my hair has grown back. Thank You so much!

RandyClifton Park, NY


I just want to tell you that I've gotten great results in the first 3 months of using of your HLCC system. Please place my reorder. Thanks for answering my questions and not over selling me. I've gotten better results than you said I would, faster than you said I would. What a difference from all the other products I've tried before.

D.M.Cleveland, Ohio


I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone at HLCC. I really did not want to go bald. When I started, I certainly wanted to have my hair grow, but I also felt that if it stopped the hair loss I would be lucky. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! When I look at the pictures taken when I started compared to now I am amazed! The hair loss has not only stopped, but I have grown so much hair! Thank you all for your support and caring ways. I appreciate all of you.

Don ZibroTroy, NY


I just paid a visit to Jeff Ankney and thought of how " special " he treats me. I then remembered how sweet it was of YOU to discount the products I buy. I first started with Mark in 2003 when he was with Micron Laboratories. That program wasn't so great, and was very very costly. He then started working for you, and sold me a 40 diode Home Laser. It was a lot of money but Jeff says it will work, just not as fast. I obviously am using all of your products and love them. MY thanks to YOU again, for your kindness with a discount. Huge " kudos " to Jeff, he is amazing man. His professionalism, and his heart is a wonderful combination! I know you must appreciate him as much as I do!! Thank you again for all you do for me.

Donna France