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Untapped Benefits of Lemon for Hair Loss Treatment

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Benefits Of Lemon For Hair Loss Treatment

Benefits Of Lemon For Hair Loss Treatment

Lemon makes every food tasty and tangy. Did you know it is good for hair regrowth treatment? Its citrus lemon juice actually helps hair growth and making hair roots strong. If you are looking for hair growth ways for hair and scalp problem then lemon gives you the best solution.

  • Lemon is primary ingredients of hair care medicines and lotions
  • It helps in fighting with dandruff and dry scalp
  • It helps in preventing hair recurrence
  • It help in strengthening of hair roots
  • It helps in reduction of excessive sebum secretion which makes the follicles get clogged.
  • It makes hair more resistant to breakage
  • It conditions the hair which makes it smooth, shinier and thicker.
  • It helps in stimulating the scalp and promotes hair growth
  • It prevents scalp infection and kills germs.
  • It removes the after effect of use of chemical products on hair and damaged cause due to pollution and dirt.
  • If mixed with vinegar it help treatment of oily scalp
  • When lemon is crushed with black pepper and is made into paste, it provides the best hair loss solutions.
  • If it is mixed with olive oil and coconut oil it promotes hair growth from scalp.
  • If you mix lemon in your conditioner it will make your hair shinier.
  • It helps in high lightening of hair without any side effects. The sections of hair you want to highlight apply lemon juice twice a week.
  • Mix lemon juice with garlic or almond paste to avoid lice and dirt in your hair.
  • Mix lemon juice with 2 spoons of yogurt with a raw egg it will nourish your whole scalp making it healthier.

Hair Care: Curry Leaves for Lustrous Hair

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Every girl dreams of flawless tresses, but all the hair care products results in giving split ends and frizzy hair. Hair grow treatment can be done easily in home very affordably. Curry leaves are very good for hair. It keeps hair healthy and radiant. Basically curry leave is herb which makes hair lustrous and shiny and also helps in hair growth.


Hair Care: Curry Leaves for Lustrous Hair

Hair Care: Curry Leaves for Lustrous Hair


The best part, it is easily found in your kitchen. We share with you some points which will surely convince you to include curry leaves in your hair care regime.

  • It helps in rejuvenating damaged follicles. Hair often gets clogged due to dust and dirt. Curry leaves aids the scalp and helps in restoration of hair.
  • Sometimes premature hair graying starts due to genetic build up or stress. Curry leaves are rich in Vitamin B which helps in nourishing and strengthening of roots. New hair roots with healthier hair and stronger pigments.
  • Using chemical base products, bad food habits and pollution facilitates hair loss problems. Curry leave is rich in proteins it helps in hair thinning. Curry leave is also rich in antioxidants and amino acid which helps in strengthening of roots and removing dead scalp follicles which causes dandruff.
  • Curry leaves help a lot in strengthening hair shaft. It is rich in Vitamin B6 which regulates hormone and prevents hair loss. Curry leaves are also good for digestive system as well.
  • Include curry leave sin your daily diet it is best therapy for women hair loss treatment. You can have it with milk or buttermilk for lustrous and shinny hair. You can also add it with your rice or pulses.

You can mix curry leaves with yogurt and massage your hair with the paste. Hold it for 15 minutes and rinse it off.

Natural Products to Stop Unnecessary Hair Fall

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Tired of expensive parlour treatments for your hair? Try using natural products that may help to solve your problem. You just have to follow some easy hair fall treatment which will surely help you in reducing hair loss.


Natural Products To Stop Unnecessary Hair Fall

Natural Products To Stop Unnecessary Hair Fall



Natural oils- Oils are warm and make your scalp gentle. Best solution for hair loss can be done with olive, coconut, avocado or castor oil. Massage your scalp gently with any of the oil and put it over night for best results. Shampoo and condition your hair next morning for shinier and smooth hair.

Antioxidants- Green tea contain antioxidants which help in preventing hair loss and boosts hair growth. You can apply two bags of green tea brewed in one cup of water to your scalp and leave the mixture for an hour before rinsing.

Meditation- Believe it or not! Different hair products, laser hair treatments, spa and massage can fail at times on your hair treatments but yoga and meditation helps a lot in losing stress and tension. Meditation helps in restoring hormonal balance which makes the hair growth perfect.

Juices- Bad scalp is the major reason for hair loss. If your scalp is too dry or oily it makes the roots weaker. You can make your scalp perfect by rubbing garlic, ginger or onion juice thoroughly. Leave it overnight and wash it with a good conditioner for best results.

Deep head massage- Massage helps to stimulate circulation. With help of good circulation scalps keeps hair follicles active. Lavender, bay, almond or sesame oil base for hair massage is perfect to improve circulation and make scalp perfect for hair growth.

Use good hair brush- Brush which you use to comb your hair has great impact on condition of your hair. Always go for soft brush made from natural fibers. Always take care while combing and don’t brush it from top to down, but from underside out. Be gentle while brushing.

4 BEST HAIR LOSS Remedies: Stop worrying about Baldness

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Hair loss which is caused by alopecia leads to partial or complete baldness. Frequent concern have grown significantly over the last decade, genetic factors are not the only factors behind it but life style have started hounding our great part of population, which is affected by incessant hair fall and surfacing baldness in early age. This tread have started worrying our young generation.

Symptoms of hair loss include gradual receding hair line from front or from middle or gradual thinning of hair, hair loss in patches usually in circular patterns, dandruff, skin lesions, and scarring.

Lack of nutritious food, sleep deprivation, anxiety factors is culprits behind rapid decrease of hair quality. But luckily doors are open for people, who can get back to their age and restore their hair with great available remedies.


Hair loss Treatment

Hair loss Treatment


  • Vitamin and enriched diet for Hair re-growth

Generally we tend to neglect these two important factors. We ignore our diet and start depriving our body of needful vitamins and minerals, which could be the source of protein, iron and calcium.  Green vegetables and seasonally foods are helpful for thick and shinny hair and control intermittent hair fall.

  • Hair Transplantation technique (Hair restoration surgery):

Hair transplantation is a surgical process, where individual hair follicles are moved from a part of the body (called the donor site) to bald or balding part of the body (known as the recipient site). It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. In this technique, graft containing hair follicle are implanted on the bald part of scalp, graft is genetically resistant to balding.

There are specialized centers and adept surgeons who are skilled in executing this surgery.

Beware of charlatan in the market who claims to be giving you false hope and can pocket money in the garb of hollow promises. So always go with centres with reputation and credibility and one must do required searches and take references, reviews and opinion from within your circle of friends or family who so ever have undergone this surgery.

Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) is a non-surgical, scientific approach in the cosmetic treatment of hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems. It has been proven to be an effective method to fight big hair loss problem in India. Laser hair therapy is not like any other type of medication, its natural solution to hair loss with no harmful effects. Physicians are praising this new technology as an effective treatment of hair loss, when used in conjunction with proper scalp hygiene, proper nutrition and growth factors.

  • Widely prevalent drugs Finasteride and Minoxidil: Hair-growth stimulant

These (generic name) drugs are available in the market in the form of tablets, lotion and shampoo. It helps control your nightmarish hair fall problem. This drug acts as a catalyst by blocking the production of hormones in the scalp. The hormone is a hurdle to the growth of hair.

Finasteridecan prevent the frequent loss of hair. Men can start taking it at young age after consultation with the doctor. The course may be fairly long but it has advantage in hair growth.

Another unprecedented hair growth stimulator drug is “Minoxidil” which is an anti-hypertensive vasodilator. It helps stymie the hair loss and expedite the hair re-growth.

It is always advisable not to take this medication without consulting your doctor or dermatologist.

Conclusion: Good Health of hair is dependent of nutritious diet and proper care. Timely consultation and dedicated treatment is very important to for sustainable cure. Above remedies will be beneficial for people fighting the recurrent hair fall and have been exploring the best options. You can choose any treatment to grow your hair back but with consultation from your doctors.

Causes and Cure of Alopecia Areata Treatment

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Alopecia is an unpredictable disease because almost in 95% cases there are no symptoms. Alopecia is a medical term for baldness. Many type of alopecia are found in humans which includes alopecia areata.


Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata


Alopecia areata treatment can be done medically or in some cases it is treated naturally. It is an autoimmune disease which attacks person’s immune system. Hair falls out in clumps, patches and different in different shapes. The extent of hair loss depends upon person to person. In minor cases there are only few spots and in others hair loss can be greater.

Hair regrowth treatment can be done easily in case of alopecia areata. In rare conditions the person starts loosing hair from their entire body which is known as alopecia areatauniveralis.

As this disease does not show any major symptoms, in some people hair falls out and grows later. Each case is unique of alopecia areata.

Anyone can suffer from alopecia areata. Medical treatment for hair growth can be done in this condition with help of certain drugs and medical science. But this problem can only be treated it cannot be cured. Mostly this problem occurs among people who have family members with immune disorders like thyroid, blood pressure and diabetic problems.

The hair regrows when the body gets the right signals. Sometimes it is treated without any primary treatment. Even with treatment hair loss can occur. In case of alopecia areata everything depends upon how the immune system reacts.

Eat Healthy to Prevent Hair Loss

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When we eat healthy we stay healthy. Our hair also needs a good diet to become glossy, shiny and lustrous. Sometimes eating unhygienic food leads to baldness. Treatment for baldness can be done easily if we include nutritional diet in our hectic schedule.


Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet



  • Spinach: Spinach contains sebum which acts as a natural conditioner for hair. It is also great source of iron and protein. It helps in maintaining a healthy scalp and lustrous hair.


  • Carrots and sweet potato: With Vitamin A carrots help in growth of hair. Sweet potato is rich in beta carotene which converts in Vitamin A in our body. Both carrots and sweet potato helps in keeping our long locks lustrous and healthy.


  • Dairy products and eggs: Dairy products are rich in biotin which help in strengthening and prevent hair loss. Eggs are best for women hair loss treatmentEggs have nutrients like, fatty acids, zinc, iron, proteins and vitamins.


  • Oats: Oats are full of fiber, if we include a bowl of oats in out morning meal it will help in stimulation of hair growth.  Oats contain omega 6 fatty acids which makes hair grow thick and healthy.


  • Walnuts:Walnuts contains biotin, vitamins, protein, magnesium and plenty of magnesium which strengthen hair and cuticles of hair. It nourishes the scalp and protects cells from DNA damage due to sun exposure.

Hair loss have many potential causes, many hair growth ways are there to control baldness. So maintain your diet and eat well to avoid excessive hair loss.


Grow Your Hair Faster With Miracle Oil

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Depending on hair type, every hair needs different treatment. You can create miracle oil for your hair which will amaze you with your hair growth. This oil is good for kids as well as adults.  So get the plastic cap out and let the game begins. Hair re-growth is very easy with use of this oil

  • One part avocado oil.
  • One part castor oil.
  • One part olive oil.


Miracle Oil

Miracle Oil


Mix all the three oil together. If you want to use it for long then you can take 3-4 caps each and make the mixture. After using this mixture for weeks you will feel different about your hair.

Avocado oil is very dry, rich, warm and less nutty. Olive oil strengthens the hair shaft and strands. Castor oil is very rich and nutty with consistency of honey to give a beautiful colour and volume to hair.

Hair re-grow products promises hair rejuvenation but they can be used along with a miracle hair oil to give us the desired output. This hair oil will surely give you the best results within 1 month. Castor oil has properties which help in stimulating cellular action when it goes into the scalp. When you face problem of itching you can use castor oil, it fights with dandruff. Scalp is cleared and dryness is finish in your hair.

Extra virgin olive oil is best treatment for faster hair growth

. It is full of vitamin that nourishes body as well as hair. It has good penetration power which effectively nourishes skin and hair. Hair needs to maintenance in order t maintain its texture. Use this oil for I months you will surely feel the result.

What is Low Level Laser Treatment (LLLT)?

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LLLT - Low Level Laser Treatment

LLLT – Low Level Laser Treatment

When you start losing your hair, you look for something which can treat it properly without any side effects. There are many treatment options but you never know about the side-effectsyou can have.

Low Level laser helps you to gain hair easily without any use of chemical or drugs. Some take pills, lotions, creams and serums to grow hair again. But LLLT is relatively new approach for hair loss treatment.

LLLT is trying to take technology to another level which is easy to use and grow hair. LLLT promises thicker and shiner hair in a matter of weeks using Low Level laser treatment. LLLT is not having any side effects, it is fully automated which makes it safe for home use. This works for both males and females. HLCC has been pioneer in the research and development of Low Level Lasers for Hair Loss Control Treatments and have developed different models of such lasers. There are models which can be used at Clinics and there are some which can be taken home for taking the treatment at the comfort of home. You can use it anywhere you want while travelling, at home, in office because it is easy to operate.

Hair loss is a very big problem these days and LLLT makes it more easy and handy for every person who is suffering from this problem. We can say LLLT is the most affordable hair growth solutions which makes the treatment very easy. You have to commit yourself to use it on regular basis for the best results.

It is clinically proven that it can grow new hair very easily without any harm. It is a very satisfactory treatment if you are suffering from hair loss problem. FDA claims that within 15 weeks you can see the best results.

Remedies for faster hair growth

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Hair is the most important and sensitive part of body, there are no shortcuts to grow luscious and long hairs. Hair gives you distinct personality, so if you are worried about hair loss try to care about it and give time to your hair. Getting appropriate and good volume of hair needs lot of time and attention.


Good and proper diet can make your hair grow faster. Here are some of the easiest remedies which are best treatment for faster hair growth:

  • Diet rich in protein and vitamins helps in growth of hair. Vitamin A, B, C and E with iron magnesium and zinc is very essential for fast growth of hair. Milk, cheese, peepers, bread, oats, helps in nourishing your hair.  Omega fatty acids found in fish lifts the growth by 3% of a hair shaft.
  • When you massage your head blood flow is increased which helps in stimulating the hair follicles and helps in conditioning of hair. Massaging you scalp in circular motion treats your hair loss very well.
  • Flipping your hair upside down is very popular trick to make growth of hair faster.
  • In busy schedule and lifestyle stress is one of the most important factors for hair loss. Try to relax yourself from tensions and minimize the stress level in your life. Meditation, exercise, yoga help a lot in relaxation.
  • Some hair fall is natural and everyone experience this regularly, however any hair fall syndrome more than the normal should be attended to immediately.

Apart from these easy remedies you can even try dipping towel in hot water and wrap it around your oiled hair and leave it overnight. Next day wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Repeat this procedure every week and you will notice control in hair fall and faster hair growth.

Tips and Tricks for smooth and shiny hair

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Tired of having bad hair days? You miss your long tresses and smooth hair? Okay may be it is just a dream in hectic work schedules, but you can still get shinier hair without any salon trip to exhaust your money. Women hair loss treatment is quite normal these days, but if you take care of your hair at home you can make it shinny and glossy.

•Serums are perfect for unruly and frizzy hair, it moistures your hair with concentration of oil. Small amount of serum can do wonders on your hair if you are regular with the process of applying it.

•Add leave-in conditioner to your routine hair wash, they pump up the shine in your hair. It comes in both form spray and lotion forms. This is the best hair fall treatment also

•When you wash your hair, rinse it with cold water. Hot water makes your hair frizzy and dull.

•If your blow dry your hair after washing, then always try to blow dry each section separately with a help of round brush. Always finish your blow dry with cool button it produces the same effect as cold water.

•If you want to give a perfect touch to your hair style use spray-on products. It gives texture to your hairstyle and ads extra shine to it.

•If you want to make your hair more straight naturally then you can switch to silicone flatiron. It looks shinier and straight than wavy texture. But overusing of flatiron can make hair harder at time.

•Glossy treatment is now very normal at the salons after hair colouring treatment. You can even get it done to make your hair glossy and straight. It lasts till 5-6 shampoo wash.

•Now water is something natural which can make your hair glossy without any process. Try to drink plenty of water to make your hair hydrated and moisturized.

•Vitamin A and E are very good for hair shine. Try to add eggs in your diet. They are very good source of proteins and vitamins.

•Don’t abuse your hair with harsh chemicals. Limit your hair exposure to chemicals, pools, hair relaxing creams and unnecessary serums.