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Natural Products to Stop Unnecessary Hair Fall

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Tired of expensive parlour treatments for your hair? Try using natural products that may help to solve your problem. You just have to follow some easy hair fall treatment which will surely help you in reducing hair loss.


Natural Products To Stop Unnecessary Hair Fall

Natural Products To Stop Unnecessary Hair Fall



Natural oils- Oils are warm and make your scalp gentle. Best solution for hair loss can be done with olive, coconut, avocado or castor oil. Massage your scalp gently with any of the oil and put it over night for best results. Shampoo and condition your hair next morning for shinier and smooth hair.

Antioxidants- Green tea contain antioxidants which help in preventing hair loss and boosts hair growth. You can apply two bags of green tea brewed in one cup of water to your scalp and leave the mixture for an hour before rinsing.

Meditation- Believe it or not! Different hair products, laser hair treatments, spa and massage can fail at times on your hair treatments but yoga and meditation helps a lot in losing stress and tension. Meditation helps in restoring hormonal balance which makes the hair growth perfect.

Juices- Bad scalp is the major reason for hair loss. If your scalp is too dry or oily it makes the roots weaker. You can make your scalp perfect by rubbing garlic, ginger or onion juice thoroughly. Leave it overnight and wash it with a good conditioner for best results.

Deep head massage- Massage helps to stimulate circulation. With help of good circulation scalps keeps hair follicles active. Lavender, bay, almond or sesame oil base for hair massage is perfect to improve circulation and make scalp perfect for hair growth.

Use good hair brush- Brush which you use to comb your hair has great impact on condition of your hair. Always go for soft brush made from natural fibers. Always take care while combing and don’t brush it from top to down, but from underside out. Be gentle while brushing.

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