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Super Fruits to Prevent Excess Hair Fall

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If you are facing excessive hair loss and having thorns more than roses in your hair then you should start working on your hair problems. Natural and best hair treatment to maintain your hair tresses is to eat good food. Fruits are good dose that play as a devil to fight with irritating hair loss. Here we share with you 5 fruits which have superpowers to stop hair fall.

Super fruits to prevent excess hair fall

Super fruits to prevent excess hair fall



This beautiful and hot looking fruit is loaded with silica which helps in treatment of baldness and hair loss. It is a seasonal fruit and is best eaten from December to March. Strawberries even help in beautification of skin.


Apples are filled with soluble fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, phenol which helps in cleansing your body and hair. If we eat apple regularly it prevents hair fall and makes the scalp more productive which helps in making it more long and glossy.


Grapes are miracle worker when it comes to hair fall problems.  It is full of oxidants, natural sugars and vitamins which helps in cleaning of body system and prevents hair fall. It is very high in water content which also helps in nourishment of hair.


It is loaded with potassium which comes packed with vitamin, pectin and fiber. It helps in enhancement of overall hair health. It is also known as sunshine fruit to maintain health of overall body. If you are regularly eating bananas then it is best hair growth treatment which ensures thickness of your hair.


It is a wonder fruits full of Vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, magnesium and beta-carotene. It helps in making your hair thick, beautiful and split free. It has many benefits for healing many body problems with high water content.

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