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Business Opportunity

Become an HLCC® Affiliate Clinic

financingThere are hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the world experiencing hair loss and seeking treatment. By partnering with HLCC as an affiliate clinic, you can offer your clients a complete program that will help them see results quickly through safe, effective methods.

Our affiliate program provides a turnkey opportunity for business professionals to add laser hair loss treatments to their businesses. At HLCC, we provide everything you need to be successful, because your success is our success. It’s our goal to ensure that your clients get the best possible results, and we want to sustain a long-term business partnership with each of our affiliated hair loss treatment clinics.


The Benefits of Being an HLCC Affiliate Clinic

  • Learn how to treat the hair loss for men and women of all ages and ethnicities
  • Be trained by HLCC’s hair growth experts, ensuring you understand how to properly consult with patients and make treatment recommendations
  • Build client trust with HLCC’s experience and reputation in the hair loss industry
  • Profit residually from HLCC’s hair loss products and treatment methods
  • Have access to marketing support for television, radio, print and Internet
  • Benefit from a turnkey approach with includes all forms for consults, checkups, finances and more
  • Be trained in-person, by video, on the web and in classroom settings worldwide
  • Engage for a single location or with exclusive rights to entire geographic regions

Increase annual revenue by more than 15 Lakhs with just one new client per week!


One HLCC affiliated clinic starting from scratch generated 42 Lakhs in its first year!


A single stylist renting a room from her salon owner makes 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh per month consistently in a town of 10,000 people thanks to her HLCC affiliation.

Interested in Becoming an Affiliate Clinic?

We can answer any questions you may have. Chat with HLCC today to learn more about how you can open the next HLCC-affiliated hair loss treatment clinic.