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Business Video Testimonials

Business Video Testimonials

Hair Loss Affiliate - Laser Training Testimonials

Lisa Carr - Simply Beautiful Hair Designs
Alonzo Coombs of Regines International
"A4M Orlando - Affiliate Testimonial"
" Permanent Cosmetic -HLCC Training Experience "
"HLCC Training Testimonials"
"HLCC Affiliate Discusses Hair Loss Opportunity"
"A4M Orlando Affiliate Discussion"
"Zelda, HLCC Delaware Affiliate Discusses Training"
" HLCC Business Opportunity "

Stylists Talk About Training Experience

"HLCC Stylist's Training Experience"
"Massage Therapist - Certified Hair Loss Specialist Training Experience"
"Certified Hair Loss Specialist Training"
"Sulphur Springs HLCC Affiliate - Training Experience"
Kimberly Davis - Xpressions Beauty Boutique
Sharon Mayes - Xpressions Beauty Boutique

Hair Loss Affiliate - International Affiliates discuss HLCC

" South Texas Training - En Espanol"
"HLCC Training Norway"
"HLCC Training Norway2"
"HLCC India - Hairwits Tesitmonial"
"Taiwan's Most Prominent Hair Loss Surgeon"
"The Author of Taiwan's only hair loss surgery book discussess HLCC (in Mandarin Chinese)"

Dr. Victoria Hagstrom Discuss Hair Loss Laser Therapy

"Unmatched Business Opportunity"
"Complete DHT Inhibitor"
"HLCC Script Products"
"About Low Level Laser Therapy"
"Enhanced Minoxidil"
"A Multi-Theraputic Approach"


"We started a hair loss clinic from the ground up. In our first year with HLCC, we had more than 200 clients. This brought us over $1.2 million (U.S.dollars) in sales."

Fredrik Hair Restoration - Sweden


"Just wanted to send you an update on our Open House - it went well. We had a decent turn-out and people appear to be very interested in low level laser therapy - hopefully they'll spread the word. Thanks again for all of your help - let's hope the phone starts ringing off the hook!"

Thomas Re-Nu Hair Wellness Center - Media, PA


Salon Owners

“Channel 11 news did a story on us on Wednesday night about us and our laser program. Our phones went NUTS. We took over 50 calls, had 20 emails, 30 responses from our link on our website. IT WAS CRAZY!! "

Shelly Beatty StyleMakers, Ft. Worth, TX


“I learned more from Bill at HLCC in the first two hours of training, than the three-day Florida hair loss seminar. HLCC helped us make our clients happy and add six-figure revenue to our business in South Dakota in just the first year. It works!"

Virg ChristoffelsChristoffels & Company - Sioux Falls, SD


“Thank you so much for everything I really enjoyed your company and learned a great deal from all of you. Most of all thank you for treating me with the respect that most cosmetologist do not get and for giving me the tools too excel.

Zelda Harding Owner Zelda's Hair Clinic & Day Spa, Delaware



"HLCC helped me add significant income to my practice, and more importantly, we are able to change people's lives by re-growing their hair."

Dr. Aditya & Dr. Kirti Kohli General Practitioner & Med-Spa Owner, England


Medical Practice / Physician

"Thank you so much for being so patient with us. We appreciate your effort to give us the best training ever! :) We hope we won't let you down and would like to let you know that we made quite the progress with the comprehension about hair loss problems. We hope we'll see you in Bulgaria and show you some good results to prove how great you are as a trainer!"

Dr. Kozhuharova and Evelina


"I incorporated the HLCC Affiliate program into my Aesthetic Practice because I wanted to bring the best of the best to my patients. I wanted clinical effectiveness and proven results, based on scientific research to ensure my clients get the results they were looking for, which HLCC delivered!"

Dr. Victoria Hagstrom A New Aesthetic Medical Center - Minneapolis, MN


"As a board certified Dermatologist treating hair los for many years, HLCC's laser treatment programs have given my patients, by far, the best results."

Dr. Eliot Ghatan FAAD, FRCPC - Consulting Dermatologist


Salon / Hair Replacement

"This is the best thing I've done for my salon in the last twenty years."

Eric Johnson Hair Institute -Lexington,KY

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