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Buying your Laser

Buying your Clinic Laser

Best Line of Hair Loss Lasers in the World

Perfect for Hair Loss Clinics, Spas, Med Spas, Salons, Hair Replacement Businesses, & Hair Transplant Doctors, HLCC® provides you with the Best Selection plus expert Medical Advice, the Best price and the right Knowledge to pick the right laser hair regrowth for your professional needs.

We carry a full line of Clinical Lasers used in many professional hair loss clinics, hair replacement companies, salons and other medical offices around the world. We sell all 20 Different brands of clinic lasers; the Ultimate Hair Lasers, APIRA, Laser 3600, 3700, 5000, 9000, 12,000, 15000, Scalp, Sunetics, Boston Laser (International sales only) and more. We also provide turn-key hair loss clinics, laser hair regrowth treatment and international franchises. We set you up with everything you need to start your own hair loss clinic or to add hair loss to you existing business.

Additionally, we have a turn-key laser re-growth program to get your Laser sales rolling from day one with marketing support: Radio, TV, Newspaper and print ADS, plus all the help you need to get started making profits today!

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