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Choosing your laser

Choosing The Right Laser - For Hair Regrowth

It's not easy.

The right Laser gives the best hair regrowth treatment while earning you great income but the wrong laser (or an LED being sold as a Laser) can bring you no results. This can bring great disappointment to all your customers. For 25 Years, HLCC™ has been helping Medical Spa's, Salons, Hair Clinics, Physicians, and Entrepreneurs choose the right Laser not only in the UK but worldwide. With over 20 styles to choose from there is a Laser for every type of business need. More importantly HLCC has helped our 175+ Affiliate clinics add revenue to their business honestly and consistently. Having been in business since 1987, and running our own hair grow treatment for all hair types, HLCC knows the truth - we care about our customers and we are the only company with a business model designed to succeed. We provide laser hair therapy for salons in India and laser hair hair restoration services.

What To Consider?

  • Should I buy a Laser hair regrowth with Laser diodes, LED diodes, both? What's the difference, and how can I tell? Which work better? Do some companies even sell lasers with Infra-red diodes like my TV remote?
  • Cosmetic Laser or FDA cleared Laser. What's the difference? What's the difference in the marketing?
  • Why do most Laser companies not offer or care about products that will get your clients much better results?
  • Hood or Flat panel? What's the difference? Results? Marketing?
  • How many Laser diodes does it have (hint: more of the right kind is better)
  • How many diodes is enough?
  • Why are 99% of the studies conducted on 650nm Laser diodes? Which nanometer (nm) got FDA Clearance and which is better and why?
  • What does it mean that all Lasers sold for hair loss are for cosmetic purposes only except for the MEP-90® and HairMax LaserComb? What's does that mean in Marketing?
  • Salon grade or Clinical grade? What's the difference?
  • How do I build long term residual income? Why do most companies selling hair grow treatment not care?
  • Many laser companies flat out lie and say their Laser is "FDA Approved." How do you learn what they really have? Why are they stretching the truth to mean approved?

Who Do You Buy From?

  • Do they sell just one Laser which they claim is best or do they sell many brands ?
  • Is their only business hair grow treatment or do they also cut hair, run a salon, do hair replacement?
  • Have they always operated under one name or have they changed their business names several times after selling bad LEDS/lasers?
  • Do they just sell Lasers or do they run many hair loss clinics?
  • Do they really train me to succeed or just how to use the Laser and give me a few brochures?
  • Do they sell hand held hair grow treatment for men ? Why is it important?
  • Do they offer 24 hour overnight replacement if you have a problem that can't be fixed over the phone?
  • Do they offer the highest quality hair regrowth treatment products or do you sell someone else's?
  • Do they tell you that you don't need hair loss products? (hint: that's not true)

What About The Company ?

  • Do they have four Medical Directors and an RN on staff who direct your treatment program?
  • Have they been using hair loss lasers for 25 years and operating under the same name or do they keep changing their name like several do?
  • Ask them about their pro-active marketing. Do they actively help you market your laser?
  • Do they have India support and provide you with in depth training on not only hair loss but also on how to do consultations, sell the service of laser hair regrowth treatment in Delhi , and market it successfully?
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