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Laser Treatment - In the News What Doctors are saying about Laser Hair Treatment

Dr. Victoria Hagstrom - laser hair treatment

Dr. Victoria Hagstrom, MD is a Board Certified Physician and a Certified Hair Loss Surgeon. She is an industry leader in Skin Care and Laser Treatment hair growth for hair loss problems.

  • “When people use the HLCC programs, they are 100% successful. I see improvements 100% of the time.”
  • “We're having great success and growth, thanks for all the support.”

Dr. S. Michael Furhman

  • "As a doctor, I have seen laser therapy work for about 95% of my patients."
  • "The results I've seen first hand, laser treatment for hair growth gives great results in case of patch hair loss"
  • "We stop hair loss almost 99% of the time"
  • "I'm really glad I added laser treatment hair growth to my practice and more importantly my patients are even more happy."

Dr. Martin Unger, Dr. Unger is a Founding Member, 1st President and Diplomat (certified specialist), and Examiner for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Has been a consultant for both the US FDA and Health Canada.

  • "(LLLT) increases the energy in the cells.... It is like the fuel, the gasoline of cells," explains Unger, considered an international authority in the field of hair loss. "It increases collagen synthesis and protein synthesis. It decreases inflammation in the area and increases the circulation by making blood vessels in the area larger and also creating new blood vessels."
  • Unger, also cites a clinical study he supervised that found that the scalp treatment hair growth resulted in 86 per cent of patients regrowing hair, while another 11 per cent stopped losing hair. The study was done by Dr. Roy Geronemus.

The Journals, Magazines and Newspapers these quotes came from supporting research references

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  • The quotes from the articles' above are from independent news sources and in no way imply any comment Pro or Con or any endorsement of HLCC's products and or services. They are just article related to laser hair treatment in general or related to keratin treatment hair growth with specific hair loss lasers like the Sunetics which we sell.

Dr. Mukesh Hariawala, MD MBA - Cardiac Surgeon & Healthcare Economist

  • " As a Medical Doctor, I refer all clients with hair loss and restoration issues to the Hair Loss Control Clinic. HLCC has an excellent range of products inclusive of their economical Home Hair Laser Systems. My clients are very happy with their results, so much in fact, that now I plan to bring their products with me to India for dry treatment hair growth. I recommend any Doctor work with HLCC."

Dr. Sheila Calderon, MD MBA has practiced practiced Medicine for more than 25 years with an interest in Hair Loss and Cosmetic Dermatology.

  • " When I help a patient stop excessive hair loss and re-grow their hair, it's very exciting. Most people with moderate hair loss begin to notice a difference in the thickness and strength of their hair in about three weeks. Within six to twelve weeks they can see hair re-growth coming."